Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Listen To 'Granny's Gettin' Some' From UNAPPROPRIATE!

The follow up to Buddy Goode's ARIA Nominated The One And Only, is Unappropriate and it's released this friday!

Track 1 is titled, 'Granny's Gettin' Some'.

"Having been part of a very big Irish Catholic family, the dinner table was always the place that brought us all together.The inspiration for this song came from the woman herself... Grandma Goode.  She truly did like her meat and potatoes," says Buddy Goode.

Take a listen to 'Granny's Gettin' Some'....

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Monday, 13 August 2012

ARIA Winning Buddy Goode"s Aria winning album 'UNAPPROPRIATE' available now


Previously endorsed by one critic as, “as politically incorrect as you can get,” the 2011 ARIA nominated Buddy Goode stretches the boundaries and his musical prowess even further with Unappropriate.

As well as having an album title that is completely unrecognizable by spell checking programs across the globe, Buddy Goode’s new material is daring, outrageous and incredibly catchy.

New songs like ‘She Blows Upon Me Flute’ and ‘Back In The Bush’ have a distinctly Irish feel. While more emotional tunes such as ‘Too Soon’, ‘Number 2’ and ‘Desperate’ with special guest Aleyce Simmonds demonstrate Buddy’s lyrical “growth” in the last year.

Buddy explores some exciting new themes, allowing us to go deeper into his life. Once added to the good old "fart" and "bum" jokes and stories of love gone wrong, Unappropriate will no doubt ensure a pleasurable listening experience for fans both old and new.

1. Granny's Gettin' Some
2. G String
3. You Should Have Seen Her Box
4. Like A Glove
5. She Blows Upon Me Flute
6. Desperate
7. Play This Song On The Radio
8. Too Soon
9. Don't Go Swimmin'
10. Back In The Bush
11. I Love This Truckin'
12. Number Two
13. C’est La Vie
14. She's A Man
15. Happy Ending